Restaurant loses licence over illegal workers

time:2023-06-04 14:29:15 source:Al Jazeera

A restaurant has been stripped of its licence after it was found to be employing illegal workers.

Three people who had been working illegally at Posh Spice in June 2022 were found to still be at the restaurant during a raid in February.

Immigration Enforcement called for a review of the Nailsea restaurant.

On Monday, North Somerset Council revoked the restaurant's licence to serve alcohol and late-night food.

The licensing subcommittee meeting had earlier been suspended for more than an hour as staff tried to get in touch with immigration officials after they failed to attend.

Jasmine Miah, the daughter of licence holder Golap Miah, said the wait had left her father feeling anxious.

Speaking while waiting for the meeting to resume, she said: "I don't want any pressure on him, whatever the outcome."

The meeting resumed with Jonathan Watson of Immigration Enforcement joining by video link.

Mr Watson confirmed that none of the three individuals had the right to work at the restaurant at the time of the February raid, although one had been granted it three weeks later.

Another individual had previously been allowed to work for 20 hours a week as a student, but this had been revoked as he was not enrolled to study.

The other had the right to work in some professions, where there were shortages of workers, but not at a restaurant.

Posh Spice will no longer be able to sell alcohol or serve hot food after 23:00.

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